Volume bindings

Volume bindings are specified in a way similar to docker-py and Docker’s expected format, and the mode (read-only ‘ro’, or read-write ‘rw’) can be specified for each binding if needed. Volume bindings default to being read-write.

  # This will be a read-write binding
  /on/the/host: /inside/the/container

  # This will be a read-only binding
    target: /inside/the/container/too
    mode: ro

Note that it is currently not possible to bind-mount the same host location into two distinct places inside the container as this is not supported by docker-py (it’s a dictionary keyed on the host location).

Container-only volumes can be specified with the container_volumes setting on each instance, as a path or list of paths:

  • /inside/the/container/1
  • /inside/the/container/2

Finally, you can get the volumes of one or more containers into a container with the volumes_from feature of Docker, as long as the containers run on the same ship:

# other1 and other2 run on the same ship as this container
volumes_from: [ other1, other2 ]